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Creative Commons is a free service for creators of creative work. Via the service a licensor can choose between six different copyright licenses enabling the licensor to share and let other people use his work. The user can modify the copyright terms of his work from “all rights reserved” to “some rights reserved”. On its website, Creative Commons offers links to licensed content that can be used for free and legally under the terms of Creative Commons’ copyright licenses. Creative Commons is a non-profit organization.

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Creative Commons licenses consist of general and additional terms and conditions.

The copyright licenses include three layers: 1) “Legal Code”, a traditional legal text, 2) a machine readable format and 3) “Commons Deed”, a consumer-friendly text summarizing the most important terms and conditions. A licensee should bear in mind that according to the limitation of liability clause of the Creative Commons license the licensor provides the work “as-is” and makes no warranties of any kind concerning the work. Thus, should there be a copyright infringement in a work used under Creative Commons license, a licensee might be held in charge it.

When acquiring a Creative Commons licensee the creative work will be marked with a symbol and a link that directs the possible licensee to Creative Commons’ website. License agreement is available only at Creative Commons’ site. The license is irrevocable. Should a licensor offer work under separate terms or conditions or stop distributing work it will not terminate the license.

+ Offers an easy way to share ones work without losing copyrights
+ User-friendly service that offers easy-to-read terms of conditions to licensees

- License agreement available only on Creative Commons’ site
- The service is of American origin so the legal background of the service differs from the one in Finland.
- The license is irrevocable

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