Finnish / Swedish

"May a person paint a portrait based on a photograph taken by another?"

Fine art, cartoon and illustration

1. Fine Art

1.1 Explanatory Drawing

1.2 Photo Collage, Adaptation and Compilation

1.3 Pastiche, Cartoon and Caricature

1.4 The Cartoon, a Joint or Collective Work

2. The Author and the Prerequisites of Copyright Protection

2.1 The Author's Rights

2.2 Copyright Restrictions

2.3 Transfer of Copyright

2.4 A Copyright's Period of Protection

2.5 Visual Copyright Organizations

3. Photography and Photographic Works

3.1 The Birth of Protection and its Period of Protection

3.2 The Content and Extent of Rights

3.3 The Transfer of Rights

3.4 Restrictive Provisions

3.5 Photographic Portraiture

3.6 Marketing Codes

4. FAQ - Fine Art and Photography

5. References