(Note. Aalto series whole package (both series template and logo package) can be downloaded from here:https://version.aalto.fi/gitlab/latex )

The aaltoseries LaTeX class provides the definitions to be used in publications published in the Aalto University publication series. The layout recommendations for the Aalto University publication series are implemented by the class. In addition, the class provides a selection of commands and environments for an easy-to-use access of the features of different publication types.

Aalto University has five publication series for university’s own publications. Each of these series are dedicated for a certain topic. Three publication series are named after the large research and teaching topics of Aalto University and they are "Business + Economy", "Art + Design + Architecture", and "Science + Technology". In addition, there is a series "Crossover" for multidisciplinary publications and a series "Doctoral Dissertations", as its name suggests, for doctoral theses.

The aaltoseries class uses the aaltologo package. Therefore, it needs to be installed too, consult the documentation of the aaltologo package for instructions.

The aaltoseries class been verified and approved by the designers of the Aalto University publication series guidelines, making it the official LaTeX implementation of the Aalto University publication series.

The aaltoseries class has been published under the Creative Commons Attribution No-Derivative license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/1.0/). This means that you can use the class freely in your own documents but it also means that you cannot base your own Aalto University publication series class/package upon this class. However, you can use this class as an example in designing your own classes/packages that implement the publication series recommendations of another university or company.

The class is distributed through Aalto Git repository and contains the following files and directories:

The latest version, derived from the git repository, can be downloaded as a zip file form here. The latest version is in git, at https://version.aalto.fi/gitlab/latex/aaltoseries.

Instructions to LyX users

If you encounter problems when using the package, consult first the troubleshooting pages of the aaltologo package and the aaltoseries class, and the known issues page of the aaltoseries class before contacting the class maintainer. As these pages may not be 100% up to date, it's OK to contact the maintainer if you're still puzzled after that.