The aaltologo LaTeX package provides commands to draw the Aalto University logo in LaTeX following the visual identity guidelines of Aalto University. The logo can be drawn with a user-defined color and mark or with a random color and a random mark. In addition to the logo drawing commands, the package sets the document fonts to follow the visual identity guidelines of Aalto University, and it defines and names the color set that can be used together with the Aalto University visual identity.

The aaltologo package was created by researchers of the Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics. It has been verified and approved by the Aalto University Marketing and Communications, making it the official LaTeX implementation of the logo.

The aaltologo package has been published under Creative Commons Attribution No-Derivative license ( This means that you can use the package freely in your own documents, packages and classes but it also means that you cannot base your own Aalto University logo package upon this package. However, you use this package as an example in designing your own packages implementing the visual identity of a company/university.

Please use this package with all you LaTeX documents requiring the Aalto logo. Furthermore, you can use it with new document templates such as  theses, posters, etc.

The package is distributed through Aalto Git repository and contains the following files and directories:

The latest version can be downloaded as a zip file form here

If you encounter problems when using the package, consult first the troubleshooting page before contacting the package maintainers. The maintainers do not want to receive hundreds of emails that complain about the same feature.