MyCourses is the place to begin when looking for course information. The MyCourses workspace can be used to send out announcements, share material, receive student submissions, grade student work and give feedback. Grades can be published there at the end of a course.

MyCourses is a Moodle-based learning management system (uses Moodle version 3.8 since June 2020). We have Aalto designed layer and our own user management (Aalto/Haka). Workspaces are created automatically and are open by default. MyCourses activities and resources are original Moodle. Read the full Moodle documentation (version 3.6) here:

MyCourses imports course information, like course names, event (e.g., lectures and exercises) dates, and user details (of both students and teachers) from Oodi.

If you can't access your course workspace after logging in, check with your local Oodi administrator that you are marked as a teacher in Oodi for that teaching event (course).

MyCourses Development and development

Update and release cycle

See the development wiki.

MyCourses update info

How to login

Use your Aalto-account to log in to MyCourses.

Forgotten passwords? →

See more about Accounts and passwords in Into.

Please note: External (not HAKA or Aalto users) workspace members are not allowed to log in to MyCourses. Faculty members who wish to provide external colleagues with access to a workspace can request them a Visitor Account. More information (requires an Aalto-login).