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When can you request graduation?

Check the following before requesting graduation

Request for graduation can be sent in Sisu in two ways depending on your study attainments

1. You have completed the last study attainment needed for your degree

You can submit a request for graduation on Sisu immediately after completing your last study attainment (for example a thesis or a maturity essay). 

Submit the request by going to the degree programme info sheet of the programme you have completed. To go to the info sheet, go to Structure of studies and click on the code of your degree programme. This will take you to the info sheet. The Graduation section contains a Request for graduation button. Start by reading Aalto University’s graduation instructions. Then click the Request for graduation button. It will take you to a request form.

Study plan where the code for the degree programme is underlined.

Dropdown menu opening from the title Graduation with a Request for graduation button

2. You have completed all studies included in your degree and the status of your personal study plan (HOPS) is ‘parts completed’

If you have completed all studies included in your degree and the status of your HOPS is "parts completed", the Structure of studies banner at the top of the page will display a green banner stating that you can submit a request for graduation. In this case, you can apply for graduation through the selection assistant by clicking on the link that says "Request for graduation"

Study plan where all courses are completed. In the selection assistant there is a green rectangle with Request for graduation button.

How to request graduation

Read Aalto University’s graduation instructions before you request graduation.

Graduation request where one can Request for graduation by clicking the button on the lower right corner.

The request for graduation will first display your personal information which you cannot edit.

Applicants personal information shown on the graduation request

Contact information of the applicant, Edit button on the upper right corner

Empty text box for writing additional info for the graduation request and choice of preferred way of delivery of the degree certificate.

File where one can join the university's alumni association.

Request to cancel or submit graduation request.

Window where one can continue to Finnish Bachelor's graduate survey or end request process.

Under My profile tab is the page Applications and requests. On the right upper corner there is a button to withdraw request.

How to cancel a request for graduation

If you need to, you can cancel your request for graduation, edit it or resubmit it.

You can cancel your request through the degree programme info sheet, the selection assistant or through My profile → Applications and requests

You can cancel or edit your request for graduation while its status is "requested". If the status is "in progress", you cannot cancel the request.

Under My profile tab the page Applications and requests is shown.

If you cancel a request, you cannot reactivate it for processing.

 The page of the graduation request. Green arrow pointing to button Withdraw request.

On the right lower corner buttons Do not withdraw application and Yes, withdraw application.

After the Graduation request title is a green rectangle with the text Cancelled inside.