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As a student, you can always see the 10 latest messages and/or notifications on the Sisu front page. Messages or notifications considered to be on the same issue are grouped together. The list shows at the top the newest message on the message thread.

You get messages if, for example, your academic advisor comments on your study plan.

The notifications are sent automatically in Sisu, for example, if a content module application in your study plan is approved or denied.

You can go to the message/notification area by clicking on the Newest messages and notifications on the front page; from the message or notification, you can go to the issue it concerns (such as your study plan, study calendar, or a decision).

Students view of Sisu's title page, Newest messages and notifications

You also can go to messages and notifications by clicking on the speech bubble icon. On the Messages and notifications page, you can see and manage messages and notifications. You can filter the messages so that you see only the unread messages. Archived messages are shown separately.

Students view of Sisu's Messages and notifications page. Listed inbox of messages. Filter by unread on right

You can archive messages, or return them from the archive to the inbox, or mark them read or unread. These actions are available by clicking the “…” button in an open message or message thread. All of the above actions apply to all the messages in a thread and cannot be performed on a single message.

Students view of a single message page. '...'-button opens a dropdown menu with options 'Mark as read', 'Mark as unread', 'Archive' and 'Return to inbox'

The actions can also be performed on more than one message thread at a time. You can do this on the Messages and notifications page from the menu you get by clicking the "..."button. The actions apply to all the message or notification threads you have chosen.