This wiki serves in two information sharing needs: for teachers ath the CS department and other A+ users, and for EDIT team internal needs. Log in to learn more.

What is A+?

Support for teachers and TA's:

  • questions? Want to report on a bug? Send an email to !
  • want to know what's going on?
    • Join the mailing list by sending an email to aplusguru
    • follow the changes in this wiki (log in → click on the "Watch" icon in the upper right corner and choose what you want to watch)
  • do you have a development idea? Please create an issue in Github at!


  • A+ teachers have suggested development ideas for A+ features. The implementation opportunities for each idea have been evaluated, and teachers have voted for the most needed features. The results can be found at  Teacher needs spring 2020.
  • The A+ development roadmap will be updated during the summer when the projects proceed.

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