on Catalyses, Interventions, Transformations

(Note! This is a preprint version of the issue -- the layout will be changed in the manuscripts. This might affect page numbering. Please, keep this in mind when making the references. The final version will be published by the end of January 2019.

 Editorial comments & Introduction

I-XI Introduction / Camilla Groth, Maarit Mäkelä, Harri Laakso & Susanna Helke


1-9 Art, Science and the Meaning of Research / Tim Ingold

10-30 Narrative writing as art based practice / Mona Livholts


30-49 The Millbank Atlas: Catalyzing Practice-based Research in a Spirit of the Civic University / Marsha Bradfield & Shibboleth Shechter

50-72 Speculative Practices: Visual explorations, in understanding place making in transient contexts / Brigitta Stone-Johnson

73-91 Artefacts with agency: Fostering resilience through practice-led research / Tonya Sweet

92-108 Feral Practice: the ramifications of making-with in a multi species world / Fiona MacDonald

109-128 Workshops as a Catalyst for Common Good / Essi Kuure

129-149 The Hero’s Journey: An art-based method in social design / Melanie Sarantou, Taina Kontio & Satu Miettinen

150-172 Haptic Art Experiences Described as Vocals, Sounds and Written Words by Deafblind / Riitta Lahtinen, Camilla Groth & Russ Palmer

173-185 The Building Blocks of Drawing / Tero Heikkinen

186-210 Mise en Abyme: Drawn intersections between image, body, and space / Armando Chant

211-231 Monet and me – The story of an inspiration / Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen 

232-258 The Exotic Terrains – groundingcritical walking practice in the post-Anthropocene /Louisa King