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By clicking the course code, you end up at the course info sheet (the picture on the right shows an example course, ARTS-A0905).

The course info sheet is divided into three tabs: "Info", "Completion methods" and "Substitutions".

On the "Info" tab, there is the following:

  • Basic information
  • Description
  • Prerequisites (the earlier studies the course requires)
  • Study materials
  • Classification

On the "Completion methods" tab, you will find all the ways you can complete a course (e.g. by examination). If the course has a variable scope you may confirm the scope on this tab. See the instructions on the page Creating a personal study plan.

On the "Substitutions" tab, you can choose a substituting course for the course, if one exists and if the information has been transferred from Oodi to Sisu. If the information has not been transferred, you can use the free edit mode in your personal study plan to add the substituting course.

Please check that you have the right version (academic year) of the course. You will find the version under the course's name. By default, this shows the current academic year, but you can change the year by clicking the arrow beside it.

The course info sheet in Sisu is a place where all the basic information about a course is gathered. In the course syllabus, you will find more specific information on how to pass the course.