In MyCourses (Moodle), you can have groups in your workspace.

  • Groups can be Oodi-based or created by a teacher.
  • You can have many sets of groups separeted by Groupings  (this way, a student can be a member of more than just a one group).
  • In an activity, you can take groups in to use, for example to have group discussions or group assignments.With a grouping, you set what group devicion you are using in the activity.

Groups can be populated automatically or manually, or you can let your students choose groups by using Group choice activity.

To manage Groups, click Participants on the left navigation bar. In the participants list, you can see group members. To create and edit groups, click the gear, an click Goups. Create grouping for groups. See the video for more instructions.

Groups menu

Video: creating groups and groupings

  • To see the content list and the full view, click the arrow in the lower right corner.

Oodi based groups

Oodi based groups are created in Oodi and copied to MyCourses workspace, to manage students´ Calendar view. When students register to a course in Oodi, they usually also get a group, eg. "L01 Oodi" or "H02 Oodi".

Oodi based groups are managed in Oodi.

Important! Even if you have only one Oodi based group in your workspace, you need to use grouping when creating groups of your own.

A. Create a single group manually

You can create groups manually, one by one, and give them individual names; for example,when you let students to choose their groups based on their interest, using Group choice activity.

Click Participants (left navigation) → open the gear → Groups.

Start by giving a name to your new set of groups (grouping): click Grouping tab, give a Grouping name and save changes.

Then, open the Groups tab and click Create group and give the group a name Save changes.

Group select students

When you have as many groups as you need, get back to Grouping tab to link the groups with the grouping.


Click the "people icon" and choose the groups to that grouping.

Add or remove students from groupsNew grouping

Now, you have to populate groups.

B. Auto-create several groups

You can also auto-create several groups at once. Give a group name and either an @- or a #-sign. Also give your set of groups a grouping name (see above).

Group @Group #
Group AGroup 1
Group BGroup 2
Group CGroup 3


Populate groups

Populate groups automatically with auto-create several groups

You can let MyCourses to automatically assign students to the groups with the selection of either Number of groups or Members per group.

Populate groups manually

Select the group you want to add members to, in this case Group A and click Add/remove users

Groups population


Select users from the list on the right and click Add. You can select several users at once by holding CTRL while clicking the users. → Back to groups.


Group choice: let students choose their own groups

Group choice -activity allows students to choose their own groups from the pool of groups teacher provides.

Editing mode → Add activity/resource → Group choice

You must have at least 2 groups for this activity to work.

Name the activity, give a description and select the groups the students can choose from Save and display

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