Quick Guide for Wiki Space Administrators

This guide is based on a similar guide of Helsinki University, http://wiki.helsinki.fi/x/1gw (in Finnish).

1. Setting up a Wiki Space

First check the rules of TKK wiki service! Then consider whether you need a personal Wiki space or if you want to start administering a Wiki global space of, e.g. a working group.

2. Preparing the Wiki Space for Use

The launch of your global wiki space will go more smoothly if you prepare your Wiki space at first:

  1. State the purpose of the wiki space briefly and clearly: why it exists and what it is meant for. Encourage users to participate in creating and modifying pages; do not make pages 'too complete'.
  2. Add specific instructions in the space and provide links to additional instructions.
  3. It is also worth defining the copyrights of the material to be created in the space. 

    Wikipatterns offers clear instructions that facilitate the introduction of a wiki space: http://www.wikipatterns.com

3. Managing User Groups and Permissions

As the creator of the Wiki space you are automatically also the Space Administrator or Admin, and can set restrictions for viewing the page, but please note the following rules:

  • Do not remove your permission to administer the space! (i.e., Space Admin rights)
  • Assign anonymous users only the permission to view and comment on the content.
  • Monitor your space regularly. When needed, restrict permissions, and in case of serious problems, contact page administrator.

To adjust space permissions, click Browse Space > Space Admin > Permissions (See picture below - click to enlarge picture).

3.1 Managing Groups

By default, all spaces are open, which means that all registered users ('confluence users') can read and comment on them. If you want access to be restricted only to those with TKK logins, add the group tkk_users, tkk_staff and/or tkk_student. You can remove groups from your space by removing all their permissions.

  1. To assign permissions go to: Browse space > Space admin > Permissions.
  2. Choose 'Edit Permissions' under the heading 'Groups'.
  3. If you want to add a group, write the name of the group under the heading 'Groups' into the text box 'Grant permission to' and select 'Add'.
  4. Add or remove permissions.
  5. Save changes by clicking 'Save All'.
  6. Check that everything was done correctly.

If you want to delete the entire group, uncheck all the boxes and save!


The user group haka_users consists of reliably identified users whose home organisation is a Finnish university, polytechnic or research institute.

3.2 Individual Users

It is often necessary to assign permissions separately for each user in a group, especially if you want access to the wiki space to be restricted, or want to grant more rights  to certain users belonging to a group than to the entire group.

Select the users as follows:

  1. Go to permissions: Browse space > Space admin > Permissions.
  2. Select 'Edit Permissions' under the heading 'Individual users'.
  3. Write the usernames one by one or separated by commas to the text box 'Users to add'.
  4. You can also use a search tool: click the magnifying glass icon to find a username either by typing part of the name or the user's email address.
  5. Select 'Add'.
  6. If you cannot find the persons you are looking for, they probably are not registered users of the wiki service yet.
  7. Add or remove the necessary permissions.
  8. Save all the changes by clicking 'Save All'
  9. Make sure that everything was done correctly.

    If you want to permanently remove a user from the wiki space, uncheck all boxes and reload the page.


3.3 Anonymous Users

All wiki spaces are by default 'open' in that they allow access to anonymous users. However, you can restrict the permission to view the space only to individual members and member groups by removing the permission to anonymous access:

  1. Go to permissions: Browse space > Space admin > Permissions
  2. Select 'Edit Permissions' under the heading 'Anonymous Access'
  3. To deny the permission to view, uncheck 'View'.
  4. To deny the permission to comment, uncheck 'Comments - Create'
  5. Save all the changes by clicking 'Save All'.
  6. Make sure that everything was done correctly.

Anonymous users must only be granted permission to read and comment!

4. Invite Users to the Wiki Space

There is no separate application available for inviting users. You can invite new users, e.g., by sending them this kind of message:

Welcome to the wiki space of course/project X!
I have set up a new wiki space called X. It can be accessed on: http://wiki.tkk.fi/display/X/

TKK users will sign in using a user account and password granted by the Computing Centre. If your home organisation is a member of HAKA identity federation, you can log in using HAKA authentication. Visitors can create a username using their e-mail address at  http://wiki.tkk.fi/signup.action

For more detailed instructions, please see http://wiki.tkk.fi/display/support/Pikaopas


5. Backup Files and Archiving

The space admin is responsible for making backups files of the wiki space on a regular basis.

To make a backup file:

  1. Log into your space.
  2. Select 'Browse Space'.
  3. Select 'Advanced'.
  4. Select 'Export Space'.
  5. Select 'Export Format = XML Output'.
  6. Check the boxes beside all the pages (plus comments and attachments).
  7. Select 'Export'.
  8. Save the file somewhere for archiving.

    If you want to restore a space of which a backup file has been made, please contact the wiki service administrators: webmaster 'at' tkk 'dot' fi

6. Removing the Wiki Space

Space admins are strongly advised to archive the space before removing it, because the removal is irreversible!

Consider carefully whether removing the space is necessary, and inform all users of the removal well in advance (including visitors).

If you are certain you want to remove the space, go to Space Admin: Browse Space > Space Admin > Remove Space