Special Issue

Rethinking arts-based & artistic research – and global/local communities


i-iv Arts-based and artistic research meets communities / Mira Kallio-Tavin


1-10 Performing Science: Blurring the Boundaries Among Art, Research, and Academic Communities / Dr. Rebekah Rousi

 11-22 Aventar historias – An artistic action from the collective memory of a community engaging in an a/r/tographic perspective / María Martínez Morales

23-35 Transforming Traditions – A Martial-Arts-Based Research Approach to Art Education / Dr. Tiina Pusa, Marja Rastas, Mikko Sallinen, Heikka Valja and Henrika Ylirisku

36-49 An intersection between the fields of education and art – A reflection on the situation of refugees / Ana Marqués Ibáñez

50-60 Arts-based research and professional identity awareness for teachers in one ethnic minority educational context / María-Isabel Moreno-Montoro & Guillermo Abolafia-González

61-74 Reinterpreting arts-based data through a posthumanist lens – Reinterpreting arts-based data through multiple theories / Joanne Weber

74-84 Art-based Research of Consumer Culture / Anastasia Seregina & Oskar Christensson

85-98 The Study of Applying Arts-Based Research to Enhance Artists’ Reflection on Cultural Representation / Pei-Hsuan Su

99-111  142 studio visits: The emergence of artistic thinking through studio conversations / Alison Shields

112-121 Artistic research on two galleries in the periphery of the art world / Rait Rosin

Visual essays

122-135 Mapping Experience Through Art-Based Research / Maria Letsiou

136-150 Heroines of Sea & Land: Can Art Transform Power? / Andrea Inocêncio

151-158 The potential of orienteering for arts-based research as a means to rethink transformative learning for sustainability / Henrika Ylirisku