Panopto resources

The Viewer Layout

There are 7 sections of the viewer labeled above.

  1. The information bar which shows you the name and data of the session as well as the folder the session belongs to. The help dropdown and sign out button are also found in the information bar.
  2. The primary video and/or audio stream
  3. Search
  4. Contents, Captions, Notes, Bookmarks and Discussion
  5. Screencapture, powerpoint or any secondary video
  6. The player
  7. Timestamped thumbnails for navigation


Search allows you to find keywords that are timestamped to allow for navigation. Virtually all text you see or hear is searchable in Panopto! Just type the word you wish to find in the search bar and checkout your results!

You can see that the word "web" was found in my bookmarks, notes, and the content of the powerpoint presentation. If you want to drill down your search results, click the "Search all" dropdown menu.

I am now only searching my notes. If you want to change the sort from relevance to by time click the "Sort" dropdown.

Contents, Captions, Notes, Bookmarks and Discussion

Contents - This section of the viewer will allow you to view and seek to any text in a powerpoint slide. Click or search for any text in a powerpoint and you will be taking to the point in the recording where its mentioned!

Captions - This section will only appear if the creator of the session chose to caption the recording. For more information on captioning see our captioning documentation!

Notes - You can take notes while viewing a session to refresh your memory later! Additionally, any note you take will become searchable! Click here for a more in depth look at notes.

Bookmarks - Bookmarks allow you to save a particular spot in a recording to revisit at a later time. Bookmarks will also show up in your search results. See our Bookmarks documentation for more information.

Discussion - You can leave a public comment on a session for others to see! Check out more information about Discussion.

Functions of the player

The Panopto player let's you seek throw your Recording as well as allowing you to control what you see.  The player has 8 actions that allow you to control how you view the recording.

The first is the play/pause button, clicking this will pause or play the recording. You can also click any stream and it will pause or play the recording!

The second is the volume bar which controls the level the audio is outputted. Click on the speaker to bring up the slider.

Next is the skip back button. This button will rewind 10 seconds and play from there. This is useful when you miss something!

The next part of the player is the progress bar. This lets you know where you are at viewing the recording. You can drag the indicator to quickly seek to a specific point in the recording.

The gear icon next to the progress bar will allow you to choose your streaming quality. Your download speed will also show on this bar

Next you will see the stream picker. If your viewing a session with multiple streams, you can pick which one you see!

The last part of the player allows you to hide the thumbnails and increase the size of whichever stream you have selected. Once hidden you can click it again to show the thumbnails!

Lastly you can maximize either stream by hovering over it and clicking the expand button. Once in Full Screen mode you can click the "esc" key or click the link to return to the normal viewer.

Shortcut Keys

The new viewer allows you to use shortcut keys to control the player!

Spacebar - Pause/Play the session

Left/Right arrow keys - skip 5 seconds backwards or forwards

Up/Down arrow keys - adjust volume up or down

The M key - mutes and unmutes the recording

How to navigate through a recording

You can navigate through a recording in several different ways!

The first is by using the progress bar as we shown you previously. You can also use the left and right arrow key to achieve the same function!

Next is by click the thumbnails below the player. These are timestamped and will start you where the creator began discussing the slide. 

Lastly, by clicking on any timestamped caption, content, note or bookmark you will be taking to the part of the recording that is relevant!