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1.  Log in to Moodle (
with your Aalto username
2. Order a workspace for your course (link to order form is in right side banner) 

3. Receive a email with link to your workspace and registration key to students.

(this usually takes apprx. 1-3 working days)

4. Add files and activities to your course space: Turn on Editing-mode
and add files and activities

5. Invite students to join by sending or giving them a registration key and link to your workspace.

The registration key can be found and changed:
Settings > Course Administration > Users > Enrolment methods > Self enrolment 

6. enjoy! 


Super short instructions

  1. log in to Moodle
  2. get workspace via the form
  3. wait until workspace is made for you
  4. set up your workspace
  5. share registration key to participants
  6. keep the workspace up to date
  7. repeat for other courses