Contact your teacher or supervisor in the following issues:

Contact in the following issues:

Student Questions and Answers + Known issues

I tried to submit my paper into Turnitin submission box for the first time, but I could not proceed. What went wrong?

  • When using Turnitin submission box for the first time Turnitin asks you to agree the Turnitin User Agreement in a pop-up window. If pop-ups are disabled in your browser, you can not proceed. Solution: enable pop-ups (see browser settings) or add to the exceptions of the blocker.
  • Choose English in Moodle interface. After the latest update finnish interface in Moodle blocks agreeing the Turnitin User Agreement

I don't manage to submit a paper without checking the consent box although the paper should not be saved in the repository. I wonder, whether my paper is saved in the Turnitin student papers repository (comparison database) or not?

  • Unfortunately, the check box function contains a bug: checking the consent box is always compulsory whether the paper is saved in the repository or not. As default, papers are not saved in the repository, but a teacher can change the settings of the submission box. If there is no information about this feature in the submission box, please, ask the teacher about it. 

My paper was saved in a repository and I want it removed.

You can send the paper ID (it is found in the submission box) and a request to remove the paper from the comparison database to

"Exception - User not found" notification prevents me to submit the paper. What can I do?

E-mail the notification to the teacher. Teacher can fix the issue.

Why does file upload into Moodle Turnitin submission box last so long (over 2 minutes)? It seems like the screen had been "frozen".

Allow third party cookies or add an exception for in your browser (in Safari, third party cookies are blocked by default)

An error notice "Error in uploading" prevents me submitting a file. What went wrong? 

Check that the file type is among the accepted ones: Check the accepted file types in Turnitin and other tips for solving the uploading error.

Submission of a file did not succeed because of an error notice "There was an error trying to create the submission in Turnitin. Message: Your submission must contain 100 characters or more. | Code: 0"

There should not be more than one dot (the dot just before the file extension such as .pdf) in the file name

What if I do not give my consent to save my paper in the Turnitin student papers repository? How can I submit?

Contact your teacher or supervisor how to submit your paper. However, the teacher can check your paper with Turnitin Originality Check without saving it in the repository.

How long do I have to wait for the originality report of my paper?

  • Depending on the file size of your paper and the amount of submissions into the service, generating the report takes few minutes. If you resubmit your work it will take 24 hours to receive a new report.
  • You can also check @TurnitinStatus Twitter -account for temporary delays of breaks in the service.


Contact turnitin(at) for pedagogical and technical support:

If plagiarism is suspected, contact the investigator of your School (Head of Academic Affairs).

Turnitin informs about breaks and temporary delays via

Questions and answers

Known issues

IssueWhat kind of problems does it cause?How to deal with the issue?

Student's consent is required although submissions are not saved in Turnitin student papers repository (while submitting in Moodle)

Students might find it confusing that they can not submit papers without checking the consent box even if submissions are not saved in the repository.

Papers are not saved in the repository by default. If you change this setting, inform students in Summary.

Some students get the error notification "Exception - User not found" while submitting their papers into Turnitin submission box in Moodle.

Some students can submit their papers fine, but some can not.

Teacher can enroll students manually in Submission Inbox > Enroll All Students.

There is no such option as "Institutional Repository" (Aalto University Repository) in the setting Store Student Papers any more.

If submitted papers need to be compared against each other, there is only one option, Standard Repository, to choose. This is a feature of Moodle-Turnitin integration version (Moodle Direct V1) we have in production in Aalto University at the moment. Turnitin Pilots were run in version Moodle Direct V2 which included two options for saving student papers: Institutional Repository (Aalto University Repository) and Standard Repository (global repository). "Institutional Repository" was seen as an option for papers including confidental information.

If submitted papers should be checked against each other, choose Standard Repository in Store Student Papers setting.If papers are considered confidental, "No Repository" can be chosen.