Why do people plagiarise and how do we prevent it?


Why do people plagiarise? What can we do about it?

All people lie, if they consider it harmless.

Make integrity policies and tools visible. Use Turnitin for submissions.

Writing under pressure can make anybody deceit

  • poor time management
  • unrealistic understanding of one's skills in academic writing

Help students to

  • manage time in writing process
  • rehearse information seeking and academic writing.

Students lack writing skills and deep understanding of the code of academic integrity

Let students experience Turnitin originality check with drafts before submitting papers for grading

Writing in own words is a skill

Information acquisition and academic writing are skills and therefore need to be trained

Training is needed along the studies, also in small portions.


Writing process divided into sub tasks

Writing assignments and Turnitin during the programme

Having writing tasks and Turnitin submission boxes in courses during the programmes make students learn the code of academic integrity and criteria of writing in own words

Examples in Aalto University