Migrating a space

To migrate a whole space you need Space Administration rights to that space. You have these automatically
if you are the creator of the space.

Migrating a space is done in two steps, first part is the backup that you can make, the second part is the import that has to be done by System Administrator.

First go into the space you want to migrate. Open the Browse -menu from the top of the screen and choose Advanced. This will open the
Advanced Space administration page. From this page click XML export (located in the left menu bar). In the export configuration window
choose if you want to export all the pages, attachments, blogs and comments in the space  (Full Export) or if you want to choose which pages to export (Custom Export).

Clicking Export will automatically create a zip* file of the wikispace, download this file when the creation is finished. This may take a few minutes
with large spaces or spaces with many attachments.  

When you have downloaded this file, send it to Studentwiki support by using Funet Filesender

Funet Filesender is easy to use file sending service. First you sign in with your Aalto username (choose Haka, then Aalto University). Then you fill in the address details. The file should be sent to studentwiki@aalto.fi. Subject should be your wiki space name. Remember to Choose your wiki space backup file and attach it.

Funet Filesender is easy to use file sending service. 

We will then let you know when the exported space has been imported into Aalto Wiki.

*.ZIP is an archive file format that supports lossless data compression. A .ZIP file may contain one or more files or folders that may have been compressed.

Migrating a page 

It is possible to migrate a wikipage, or a space from Studentwiki into Aalto Wiki. 

It is possible to migrate a page with using a Word file. This however does not migrate the
macros you have used or the attachments of the page.  

If you have only text information in your wikipage the easiest way is to create a Microsoft Word backup of the page
and then import that file as a wiki page into Aalto Wiki. Here's how you do it.

First go into the page you want to import. Open the Tools -menu and choose Export to Word. This will automatically
create an Microsoft Word backup of the page and start to download it to your computer.

Now go to Aalto Wiki, an into the Wiki space you want to import the page to.

 When there, first create a new blank page, this page will be overwritten with the backup file so just create it
and give it a dummy name and no content. When the page is created, open the Tools -menu and choose Import Word
Document. This will open the import screen. Click Choose File, and choose the backup Word File and click Next.

From the Import Word Document: Configuration -page make sure that the name of the page is correct, choose Replace
Dummy from the Where to Import selection and click Import.  The import can give you an error message, and still work
so make sure if the page has been created into your wikispace.

Importing Word documents as wiki pages works best for content heavy, simple pages as user macros or special features
cannot be imported by it.  

Click on the images to view a larger picture.

Backing up and exporting a Wiki Space:

Exportin a single page content : 

For more information please send email to studentwiki@aalto.fi

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