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This is the home page for the Lauri Lahti space.


Draft of dissertation:


Lahti, L. (draft 20140120). Computer-Assisted Learning Based on Cumulative Vocabularies, Conceptual Networks and Wikipedia Linkage. (In Finnish: Tietokoneavusteinen oppiminen perustuen karttuviin sanastoihin, käsiteverkostoihin ja Wikipedian linkitykseen.) Doctoral dissertation of computer science (draft version 20140120). Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Aalto University School of Science, Finland. Supervised by prof. Jorma Tarhio. 

LOCAL COPY: 1111_dissertation_draft20140120.pdf


Publications and some supplements:


P1: Lahti, L. (2009a). Assistive tool for collaborative learning of conceptual structures. Proc. 13th Human Computer Interaction International 2009, Part III (Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction – Applications and Services), 19–24 July 2009, San Diego, CA, USA (ed. Stephanidis, C.). LNCS 5616, Springer, 53–62. Print ISBN 978-3-642-02712-3 and Online ISBN 978-3-642-02713-0. 

LOCAL COPY:  2009a.pdf


P2: Lahti, L. (2009b). Guided generation of pedagogical concept maps from the Wikipedia. Proc. World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare and Higher Education (E-Learn 2009). 26–30 October 2009, Vancouver, B.C., Canada (eds. Bastiaens, T. et al.). Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Chesapeake, Virginia, USA, 1741–1750. ISBN 1-880094-76-2. 

 LOCAL COPY: 2009b.pdf


Supplement for publication P2 (Lahti 2009b). 

LOCAL COPY: 2009b_supplement_version2014.pdf


P3: Lahti, L. (2010a). Personalized learning paths based on Wikipedia article statistics. Proc. 2nd International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEDU 2010), 7–10 April 2010, Valencia, Spain (eds. Cordeiro, J. et al.), Vol. 1, 110–120. SciTePress, Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication (INSTICC). ISBN 978-989-674-023-8. 

LOCAL COPY: 2010a.pdf


P4: Lahti, L. (2010b). Educational tool based on topology and evolution of hyperlinks in the Wikipedia. Proc. 10th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2010), 5–7 July 2010, Sousse, Tunisia (eds. Jemni, M. et al.), 233–235. ISBN 978-0-7695-4055-9 and ISBN 978-1-4244-7144-7.

LOCAL COPY: 2010b.pdf


P5: Lahti, L. (2011a). ConceptMapWiki – a collaborative framework for agglomerating pedagogical knowledge. Proc. 11th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2011), 6–8 July 2010, Athens, Georgia, USA (eds. Aedo, I. et al.), 163–165. Online ISBN 978-0-7695-4346-8 and Print ISBN 978-1-61284-209-7. 

LOCAL COPY: 2011a.pdf


Supplement for publication P5 (Lahti 2011a). 

LOCAL COPY: 2011a_supplement_version2014.pdf


P6: Lahti, L. (2011b). Educational concept mapping method based on high-frequency words and Wikipedia linkage. Proc. 4th International Conference on Internet Technologies and Applications (ITA11), 6–9 September 2011, Wrexham, North Wales, UK (eds. Grout, V. et al.). Glyndwr University, Wrexham, Wales, UK. ISBN 978-0-946881-68-0.;; 

LOCAL COPY: 2011b.pdf


Supplement for publication P6 (Lahti 2011b).

LOCAL COPY: 2011b_supplement_version2014.pdf


P7: Lahti, L. (2012). Educational framework for adoption of vocabulary based on Wikipedia linkage and spaced learning. Proc. Global Learn 2012: Global Conference on Learning and Technology, online conference on 6 November 2012 (eds. Bastiaens, T., & Marks, G.), pp. 8–13. Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). ISBN 1-880094-99-1. 

LOCAL COPY: 2012.pdf


Supplement for publication P7 (Lahti 2012).

LOCAL COPY: 2012_supplement_version2014.pdf


P8: Lahti, L. (2013). Educational framework based on cumulative vocabularies, conceptual networks and Wikipedia linkage. Proc. London International Conference on Education (LICE 2013). 4–6 November 2013, London, UK (eds. Shoniregun, C., & Akmayeva, G.). ISBN 978-1-908320-16-2.

LOCAL COPY: 2013.pdf


P9: Lahti, L. (2014). Educational exploration based on conceptual networks generated by students and Wikipedia linkage. Proc. World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2014 (EdMedia 2014) (eds. Herrington, J. et al.), 964–974. ISBN 978-1-939797-08-7. Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Chesapeake, VA, USA.

LOCAL COPY: 2014.pdf



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