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Aalto Exchange (Outlook)

Level A, Aalto University core system

The university is the owner of this service. Users of the service are always provided with support by the University IT unit or collaboration partner.

Aalto Exchange (Outlook)


Aalto Exchange provides e-mail and calendar service for Aalto University's users. The calendar can be used as a personal or a shared calendar and enables the user to send invites to meetings. The email and calendar may also be connected to the user’s smartphone, provided that, the smartphones operating system supports it.

Valuation (7.4.2020)

Calendar function can be accessed via email software. A user may share his calendar to certain other users and grant reading and editing rights to them.

Should a user choose to use only the email function, then the following software are recommended for both Windows and Mac users: Outlook or Outlook Web App, or if you can't use these even Thunderbird and Mac Mail are possible. These are the software Aalto ITS is able to support in problematic cases.

Group work calendar functions can be used with IMAP and Outlook Anywhere protocols and with the following email software supported by Aalto IT: Outlook, and Outlook Web App. The calendar may also be used as a private calendar without group work calendar functions. In order to set up meetings a user does not need to share his calendar as free slots without any specific details can be seen in the calendar.

Aalto Exchange may also be used via a browser. The full version of the service may be used via Firefox, Edge, Chrome and Safari.

There is an automatic junk mail and virus filter in the service. When using Outlook software or Outlook Web App, a user may recover deleted emails and calendar entries within 30 days of their removal.

Please find more information at https://www.aalto.fi/en/services/email-calendar


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