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  • International university: Cross-cultural & interreligious education
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Workshop code: WS06


Location: Maininki M102


  • Aalto university is developing practices related to international mobility. International university means also educational development ensuring that international and multicultural community members are taken into account and that the different needs of international and finnish students are recognized and advanced. Cultural and religious questions are also affected by the wider activities of Aalto: staff, research and international co-operation.
  • Aim of this workshop is to take a look to the principles of cross-cultural and interreligious education and to share and outline possibilities for Aalto´s operations in future.

Method: discussion, group work, posters, presentation

Who should attend: service personnel, teaching staff, students


Presenter, moderators and facilitators:

  • Henri Järvinen


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  1. Notes of the workshop WS06 (international university: Cross-cultural & interreligious education)
    Participants (list all the people who were present):
    The aim of the workshop is to (continue here) ... 
    Themes / topics debated:
    Recommendations for improved accessibility:
    Ohje vetäjille:
    Työpajan lopuksi *ainakin* yksi selvä ja strategiaan perustuva suositus saavutettavuuden kehittämiseksi. Suosituksen tulisi liittyä saavutettavan oppimisen toimeenpanosuunnitelmaan. Linkki, jonka kautta löytyy pdf:
    Jos suosituksia on enemmän, niin priorisoikaa lista (tärkein ja kiireellisin ensin) -> tulokset me