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  • Yhteistyöympäristöt globaaleissa tuoteprosesseissa - Collaboration Environments in Distributed Product Processes – seminaari
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Aalto-yliopiston ja VTT:n ColPro-tutkimusprojekti järjestää yhteistyössä Tekesin Digitaalinen tuoteprosessi ohjelman kanssa seminaarin globaalista yhteistyöstä ja siihen soveltuvista yhteistyövälineistä torstaina 7.6.2012 klo 12-17

Paikka: Saha Konemiehentie 1, Otaniemi, Espoo.

Seminaarin esitykset löytyvät pdf-muotoisina Tekesin hankegalleriasta.

Alustava ohjelma

Klo 12

Tilaisuuden avaus, Kari Penttinen (Tekes)

Collaboration Environments in Global Distributed Product Processes tutkimusprojektin esittely, prof. Matti Vartiainen (Aalto-yliopisto)

Keynote: Using mixed media in global collaboration, dr. Renate, Fruchter (Stanford University)

Introduction to demos, Seppo Valli (VTT)

Klo 13.30

Kahvitauko, demojen esittely

Klo 14.30

ColPro-tutkimusprojektin tuloksien esittely:

  • Transferring production knowledge - Spreading good practices across global
    organization, Ismo Laukkanen (AAC Global) ja Eero Palomäki (Aalto-yliopisto)
  • Support for Bi-Directional Communication in Distributed Maintenance Work,
    Venlakaisa Hölttä (Aalto-yliopisto)
  • Technical support through global network of experts, Jouni Pyötsiä (Metso Au-
    tomation) ja Petri Mannonen (Aalto-yliopisto)
  • Computer-Mediated Communication between Innovators and Decision Makers,
    Olli Kuismanen (Konecranes) ja Pekka Alahuhta (Aalto-yliopisto) 

Klo 16

Demojen esittelyä, verkostoitumista

Yritysosapuolina ColPro-tutkimusprojektiin ovat osallistuneet

AAC Global, ABB, DNA, Inno-W, Konecranes, Metso Automation ja UPM.

Tilaisuuden demoista vastaavat:

VTT: Supporting awareness in collaboration systems - Communication is in key role when collaborating either face-to-face or over network. In ColPro project, VTT has developed a teleconferencing system simulating a meeting where the participants are sitting around a table face-to-face. The focus has been in investigating possibilities to maintain gaze awareness between multiple remote users. In the related demonstration, the participants can interact and make comments on a common 3D model (a 3D design, machine part, or alike). Gaze awareness between participants is supported by using multiple displays (or multiple windows on one display) and multiple cameras for each of the collaborating participants.

Inno-W: Virtual workspace in a global operating environment. In this demo, a solution is presented to help experts solve problems related to production and maintenance, and to collaborate with other organizational units and customers to develop new products and services.

Orchidea Innovations: Orchidea Ideas Management Service is a versatile tool for business innovation, management / leadership. The service now goes primarily to the innovation process from the initial ideas, creating a collection of channels, as well as tools for efficient screening process for refining raw ideas for decision-making.

Flowdock: Flowdock - Collaboration web app for technical teams. Use Flowdock to accelerate collaboration in software development projects. Flowdock allows the team to work together and react, discuss and solve problems in one workspace.

Aalto/wmWork: The role of 3D virtual environments in collaboration. Different viewpoints are discussed concerning the use of 3D virtual environments for collaboration. Some existing solutions are also presented. The demo mainly focuses on the possibilities afforded by the OpenQwaq environment.

Stanford University: BrainMerge - a virtual brainstorming tool was developed by the PBL Lab research team at Stanford in response to the need for global corporate teams to harvest creative ideas from all their team members in a geographically distributed setting - across time, space, and most importantly culture. It builds on the key brainstorming best practices and allows all participants to "have a voice" and make their local conditions visible. Facilitators can set up a brainstorming session on the fly engaging all team members concurrently to share their ideas, build and expand on others ideas. Once ideas are consolidated into a list of unique items all team members are invited to vote as well as apply a weight on each of their votes. The vote results are consolidated and updated in real time as team members cast their votes. They are listed in the order of priority as a function of number and weight of votes. Team members can then collaboratively further cluster ideas into topics and use them as a point of departure to define their action plan.

Videra: Videra Virtual Office. This demo presents models for distributed work that utilize mobile devices, and the compatibility of these models with modern organizations and organizational tools. Solutions that scale to many different platforms - in line with the principles of "Bring your own device" - are brought into the world of mobile work. This lets people use their preferred device. This demo utilizes the Videra Virtual Office service platform.

Microsoft: Presence work workshop. The purpose of this demo is to familiarize workshop participants with different solutions for bringing up knowledge and thoughts in a creative way, and with ways to work efficiently from anywhere and at any time - things, that help along the way to the future of knowledge work today. Come and familiarize yourself with productivity solutions in a practical environment. See the IT components of a dream workplace. Experience - participate by working together with colleagues.

AAC Global: Knowledge sharing portal for technology and product transfer projects.

Cieltum: The product idea is based on the current situation in which the manufacturer, maintenance company or owner has limited knowledge and visibility of the current state of the existing unique product or construction. People seek to have up-to-date information of the units for their own sales, after sales and maintenance activities. C-Care, is a cloud-based service for gathering and maintaining of applicable information for the products life-cycle management. C-Care is based on Microsoft technology and on Cieltum's own product development operations.

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