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The aaltoseries class has been updated to version 1.2, you can download it from the aaltoseries page (direct link to the package). It is recommended that you download the updated version and use that instead of version 1.1 or 1.1.X. The updates are discussed in more detail below.

Reminder: Aalto-LaTeX is looking for new maintainers!

Bug fix

There was a bug in the handling of special text in the article publication data in the dissertation mode when the author's contribution listing was printed automatically. If the title contained, for instance, math formatted text the writing of the title to an external file (from which the author's contribution listing is read in the beginning of the document) resulted in an error. In the updated version 1.2 of the class this issue has been solved.

Feature updates

In addition to the bug fix, the updated version 1.2 provides three new features. Two of them are related to the overwide floating objects, and the third one enables a common note to be given in the beginning of Errata in the dissertation mode.

Overwide floats and tables

The original version 1.0 of the class provided a command and a length for overwide figures. In the updated version 1.2 there are now commands \widefloatshift and \widetableshift and lengths \widefloatwidth and \widetablewidth for generic floats and tables, respectively, to provide consistently named commands and lengths. Earlier one would have needed to use the command \widefigureshift and the length \widefigurewidth for generic floats and tables too.

Common note for the Errata listing

In the updated version 1.2 of the class one can now add a common note to the beginning of the Errata listing in the dissertation mode. This common note can be used to indicate that for instance multiple individual articles have an error in their list of references. The note is given as the optional argument to the \errata command and it accepts any properly formatted LaTeX code. For further information, see Section 4.4.2 of the class documentation.

Jussi Pekonen, the maintainer of the aaltoseries class