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Call for maintainers

You know what LaTeX is? You have looked at what the standard (and nonstandard) LaTeX packages and/or classes contain? You have possibly developed (or have considered to develop) your own packages and/or classes for your own purposes? You know how to decipher LaTeX error messages and know how to use Google to help you out of the problem? You have a twisted sense of humor and you tell really bad jokes? If you answered yes to at least two of the questions (apart from the last one), you can become a true LaTeX superhero at Aalto.

The Aalto-LaTeX community project is looking for new maintainers for the aaltologo package and the aaltoseries class. A new maintainer is also looked for the soon-to-be-published Aalto University Beamer themes. Moreover, a maintainer is looked for the development of a poster template. If you think you could be one of these guys (note that you don't have to take the responsibility of all of them), send an email to Jussi Pekonen (and cc Martti Rahkila), the current maintainer/developer of these packages/classes/templates (email addresses: firstname.lastname(at)

Why new maintainers are needed? Well, I’m (the current maintainer) no longer employed by Aalto University, hence I have to pass the responsibility on. However, I will continue supporting the current versions until new maintainers have been found, but eventually my support will end in June 2013 when my Aalto email will stop working.

Jussi Pekonen


  1. I sadly do not have the expertise to participate in the maintenance yet, but I have been a glad user of aaltoseries class, and hope that new maintainers are found! Who is maintaining the other templates (Microsoft Office etc.)? Shouldn't the same organization take over the maintainance of Aalto-LaTeX also?

    Otto Puolakka

  2. I am currently acting as provisional maintainer.