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  • Creative Sustainability – Creative Team Work and Project Management 2011 code CS0011
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Compulsory for all first year Master degree students in Creative Sustainability

AUTUMN 2011   9 Sept – 3 Oct 2011

Direct link to:

Learning diary instructions

  Creative Teamwork

  Friday 9 Sept, Monday 12 Sept, 10.00-16.00

  coordinator Cindy Kohtala <>

------> slides can be found here in Google docs:

Project Management 2/2

coordinator Tarja Toikka <>

Monday 26 Sept, 3 Oct, 10.00-16.00 Themes covered in this session listed below, 

find the link to relevant slides (from google docs) below each topic.

WBS work breakdown structure*


*the power of acknowledgment and*

Acknowledgment slides

*final presentation instructions*

Rock Village project presentation instructions

We'll continue making presentation 3rd Oct morning.

Project Management 1/2 Monday 19 Sept 

coordinator Tarja Toikka <>

Themes covered in this session:

– project communication & metaphors

– projects vs. operations in organizations

– incremental, iterative & agile projects

– agile project management (human side of modern project business)

– Project knowledge areas (according PMBOK)  Link to Tarja's presentation slides (as google doc)

Project management 19. Sept. lecture slides

Place: Media Factory