None at the moment. If you encounter an issue, contact the maintainer(s) with a detailed description of the issue and with a description of the setup you were using.

The current version of the aaltoseries class has an issue with the hyperref and natbib packages. If the document at hand uses *both* of these, compilation results in an error. However, if either one is not used, the document will compile smoothly without any problems. This seems to be an issue with the titlesec package that the aaltoseries class uses to set the formatting of section headers (part, chapter, section, etc.). Hopefully this issue will be resolved in the next version of the class. RESOLVED IN VERSION 1.1!


  1. No need to use natbib, hyperref does not work within my aaltoseries thesis either.

    "File ended while scanning use of ..."

    It would be nice if this issue would be solved, as hyperref cites and refs would help in the pre-examination of theses.

    1. Problem resolved in version 1.1.

      Jussi Pekonen, the maintainer of the class, Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics

  2. With "abstracts" -parameter, the class has width and height 123x126 mm swapped.


    To generate the abstracts for dissertations in .pdf format, you need to swap the width and height of the page in aaltoseries.cls. To correct text is the following:

        % Set the geometry