The first truly interplanetary nanosatellite:

Primarily a radiation and rad-hardened processor testing mission, flying toward Venus (The "easiest" interplanetary mission scenario). Unfortunately, it seems the mission experienced a thermal failure, but still it shows the awesome potential of smaller scale satellites.

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  1. Really interesting mission!

    1. The discovery during the latter half of the 20th century of more objects within the Solar System and large objects around other stars, disputes arose over what should constitute a planet. There were particular disagreements over whether an object should be considered a planet if it was part of a distinct population such as a belt, or if it was large enough to generate energy by the thermonuclear fusion of deuterium.


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  3. Specialised forms of guestbooks include hotel registers, wherein guests are required to provide their contact information, and Books of Condolence, which are used at funeral homes and more generally after notable public deaths, such as the death of a monarch or president, or after a public disaster, such as an airplane crash.

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