Assessment and grading

The weight ​​of the study attainments from the overall grade of the course must be announced to students at the beginning of the course at the latest. The factors to be taken into account in the evaluation must be announced to students at the latest in the same time with the assignment. (17.11.2020)

The teacher-in-charge of the course grades the study attainments of the course. Within four weeks of the examination date or other due date given for a final study attainment, the teacher-in-charge of the course is expected to publish grades and inform all students of the course of their own grade for the course, as well as the grade distribution and failing rate of the course. This means that no teaching assistant, can be responsible for giving grades to students.  

In addition to the teacher-in-charge, the course may have other staff to assist in the review of study attainments. 

Grading scale

Courses are evaluated on the basis of one of two grading scales:

  • a scale of 0(fail)/1(passable)/2(satisfactory)/3(good)/4(very good)/5(excellent) where 5 is the highest grade or
  • a fail/pass scale. (17 November 2020) (16 November 2021)

However the proficiency in the second national language (Finnish/Swedish) for a bachelor’s or master’s degree is graded using the following scale:

  • fail/satisfactory/good. (17 November 2020) (16 November 2021)

Registration of study attainments

The teacher-in-charge of the course ensures that the details of the course grading are submitted to those handling the student register as the results are published.

The results must be entered into the student register without delay after their publication.

In cases where a course consist of several components, the date of completion entered into the register is the date of completion of the last component.

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