Spaces where to test and use Blackboard 2.0

Blackboard 2.0 setups are located at three big lecture halls at Otakaari 1:

  • hall A

  • hall B

  • hall U2

Blackboard 2.0 user manual

Video tutorial


Turning on the touch screen

1. Turn on the touch screen display by pressing the power switch at the front, bottom left corner. Make sure that the PC is also turned on. Use a wireless keyboard with the touch screen that you will find under the touch screen. Remember to turn the keyboard on from the button on the back.

2. Sign in with the lecture hall id that can be found on the front desk, or sign in with your personal aalto user id, if you want to upload the material to your home directory at the end of your lecture.

3. Blackboard 2.0 application opens at login. If not, open it from the Windows taskbar, or open Microsoft Edge or Chrome browser and go to Create your personal presentation by following the instructions on the page.

Sharing a screen on a projector

4. Share a screen on the projector by signing into the desktop PC. Open Microsoft Edge or Chrome browser and go to Share your presentation to students by pressing the eye icon .     

5. Turn on the projector by following the AV touch panel quick instructions. 

At the end

6. You can upload and save the material as a file to the touch screen PC and then move the file to a preferred location.

7. Close the web browsers. Please leave all the devices as they were at the beginning. 


Kenrick Bingham

Seppo Äyräväinen

Maiju Kokkoniemi,

Peter Simontschuk 

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