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Service break

A+ will be upgraded to version 1.11 on Thursday 28.10.2021 at 8-10. During the service break, A+ ( and grader ( will be out of use.

  • The testing environment was upgraded on Thursday 21.10.2021.
  • The exam environment and were upgraded on Thursday 21.10.2021 (before the assessment week when they are in active use).
  • Contact info and support channels: Instructions and support for CS department
  • To run the new version locally in Docker containers, change the version tags to 1.11 in your docker-compose.yml file. Note that run-mooc-grader has not had any major changes and its versions 1.10 and 1.11 are actually identical.
Image version 1.11 in docker-compose.yml
    image: apluslms/run-mooc-grader:1.11
    image: apluslms/run-aplus-front:1.11

Release notes A+ v1.11


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