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Art of Research VII: Authorship and Responsibility


I-VII Art of Research VII: Authorship and Responsibility / Harri Laakso, Sofia Pantouvaki, Julia Valle-Noronha


1-22  Shared Authorship in Research through Art, Design, and Craft Luis Vega, Bilge Merve Aktas ̧, Riikka Latva-Somppi, Priska Falin and Julia Valle-Noronha

23-49 Engaging Design - Empowering Beyond ‘Participation’ For Active Engagement  / Robert Phillips & Nicholas Gant

50-71 Warhol and me – battle of the authors: from copying to sharingHanna-Kaisa Korolainen

72-101 Creative exchange through joint responsibility:designing performances in multidisciplinary teams inthe educational context Inês Rodrigues Neves, Claudia Diaz Reyes, Ismini Pachi, Arife Dila Demir, Kristi Kuusk

102-131 Children and design students practicing playful co-creation in a youth creativity lab / Eva Liisa Kubinyi, Vera Naydenova, Kristi Kuusk

132-159 Infernal learning and the class clashAnniina Suominen, Tiina Pusa, Minna Suoniemi, Eljas Suvanto, Elina Julin

160-174  FacilitatorIngrid Cogne

175-195 Erasing Memory? Toward the Decolonization of Performance Art in LithuaniaMarija Griniuk

196-217  Dissolving orphan collections in the commonsMarina Valle Noronha

218-240 Ceramic pebbles as sensory tools: exploring the quality of muteness in tactile experiencePriska Falin & Pia Oksanen

241-268 Critical Textile Topologies X Planet City: the intersection of design practice and researchHolly McQuillan, Kathryn Walters, Karin Peterson

269-285 The Volumetric Diagram – Genealogy of a Drawing TypeTommy Kaj Lindgren

286-305  Kitchen Lab: Spilling One’s Guts / Deep Fry Together / Andrew Gryf Paterson

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