Sisu instructions for students at from 10 Jan 2023

New link to instructions
Instructions for students will be available here until 31 Jan 2023. Instructions for teachers and administration will stay on this website.

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The students see always the 10 newest messages and/or notifications on their front page in Sisu. The messages or notifications considering the same issue are grouped together. In the list you see the newest message of the message thread and the newest message thread is at the top of the list.

  • Unread message(thread) is shown on grey backround
    • if there are multiple unread messages in the thread, the amount of unread messages is shown in a red circle
    • if there is only one unread message in the thread, the amount of all messages in the thread is shown in a grey circle
  • Read message(thread) is shown on white backround
    • the amount of messages in the thread is shown in a grey circle

You get messages, if for example your academic advisor comments on your study plan.

The notifications are sent automatically in Sisu, if for example a content module application in your study plan is approved/denied.

You can move to the message/notification from the "newest messages and notifications" in the front page and from the message/notification you can go to the issue it considers (e.g. your study plan, study calendar, the decision).

You can go to the messages and notifications from the "newest messages and notifications" in the front page or from the speech bubble icon. In the messages and notifications you can see and manage both messages and notifications. You can filter the messages so that you only see the unread messages. Archived messages are shown separately.

You can archive the messages, return them to the inbox, mark them read or unread. You can find these actions behind the three dots menu in an opened message or message thread. The action considers all the messages in a message thread and cannot be performed to a single message.

The actions can also be performed to more than one message threads at a time. You can do this in the messages and notifications-page from the menu behind the three dots. When you perform an action it considers all the messages/notifications you have chosen.

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