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2 / 2014


Something Other: The relationship between psychoanalytic theory, art, visual culture, and pedagogy


i - iii         Something Other / Kevin Tavin



1-9           Artmaking and the Sinthome / Sydney Walker

10-22       The Lacanian Real in Lars von Trier's Antichrist / Henriikka Huunan-Seppälä

23-32       Real Love: Fragments on Art Education, Politics, and Jacques Lacan / Juuso Tervo

33-44      The (Art) Teacher as Lacan's Subject-Supposed-to-Know / Laura Hetrick

45-59      The Secret Language of Art Education: Academic Language and Lacanian  DiscourseTheory / Beth Thomas      

60-76      Violence and the Other in Contemporary Art: A Question of Ethics for Art Education / Kevin Tavin and Mira Kallio-Tavin

77-98      When Deleuze and Lacan {finally} Meet :The Singularity (Life) of Art in [Art] Education  / Jan Jagodzinski

99-115    Interactivity in Desire  / Aaron D. Knochel

116-124  Ableism and Jouissance: Imag(in)ing the Pleasure of the Psychiatrically Disabled Subject / Mikko Koivisto



































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