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During corona time, exams are executed in MyCourses, with quiz or assignment (or Turnitin) activity. The exam can be executed in course workspace or, if there is no course workspace, in separate exam workspace, with self enrolment key (or the teacher adds students manually). 

Log in to your workspace in good time, at least 10-15 minutes before the exam starts (or earlier, even day before, if the workspace is new for you). Avoid logging to Dashboard but use the workspace link. When the exam starts, refresh your browser. 

During the exam week, the session time is up to 4 hours. If a user doesn´t perform any activity in MyCourses in 4 hours, the session expires.

Note! If your exam is part of a course you have not participated, make sure you have access as a student to the exam workspace! Guest users don´t have access to exam activites. Contact your teacher if  any problems.