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  • Developer: Joonatan (10h/w -May), Ella (June ->)
  • Technical instructor: Jaakko
  • Customer: Jaakko
  • Weekly: -

Process description

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Project description

Rewrite points page JavaScript to handle pagination better using reactive pattern, RxJS.

Project goals:

  1. Implement reactive pattern for downloading
  2. Cache request to local storage, so opening the page is instant (mark data as "old")
  3. Start updating the data after reloading from cache
  4. Encrypt cache, so no personal details are left on disk (

Documentation of library used:

Debugging library for RxJS:


Done: Pipeline works up to and including populating exercise&module selection and rendering out table with names of students

In progress: Handover & Presentation

To be done next: Get previous points table rendering and updating logic working, local caching


  • Koodi sopivaan tilaan

  • Siirretään pistesivukehitys toukokuussa Ellalle

  • Heading stick-on-scroll fix in vertical direction

  • Figure out what is preventing points, tags and indicators from being drawn

  • Attach listeners to their respective functions

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