Is it Teams, Zoom or Panopto for you?

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Microsoft Teams


  • Good for scheduled meetings and ongoing teamwork Can be used for ad-hoc meetings similar to Skype. I will use teams for meeting MSc and BSc thesis students.
  • Not good for public exercise sessions or lectures because all participants have almost full control over the meeting.
  • How to use:
    • Install software to any common OS.
    • Log in with your Aalto account. 
    • Send a Teams meeting request with Outlook, or search for the name of the university member to start an ad-hoc meeting.
    • For presentation or demo, share the desktop or a single Windows.
  • Possible to create a team to enable ongoing collaboration and chat between your research group or course assistants.
  • Security: Do not give control over your desktop or any application Window, except to someone you know well and trust fully. There are hacking tools that install malware in seconds.



  • Good for online lectures, open exercise sessions, and open reception hours. 
  • Not good for ongoing team collaboration.
  • How to use:
    • Install software to any common OS, or use online. Login with your Aalto account.
    • Create a meeting and publish the link. Join a meeting by opening the link or by entering the meeting id.
    • For presentation or demo, share the desktop or a single Windows.
  • Requires some setup: https://aalto.zoom.us/profile/setting. Before creating a meeting, select carefully your default settings in the Meeting tab. Some settings depend on the defaults and cannot be changed after creating the meeting.
    • Breakout room to emulate exercise sessions where students hang around and raise their hand to ask individual questions.
    • Waiting room to emulate reception hour where students queue to for their turn to have one discussion with the teacher.
  • One person is always the host. During the meeting, the host can add co-hosts. Before the meeting, you can add alternative hosts: edit the meeting, open advanced settings, add host emails one by one. The first to join the meeting becomes the host. This is useful if there are multiple equal teaching assistants in the meeting.
  • Security: Avoid asking students to share control to their desktop or any application Window. There are hacking tools that install malware in seconds.
  • If you are unable to start a meeting because of low server capacity, create a ticket by sending email to servicedesk@aalto.fi. They will ask CSC to increase the server capacity.



  • Record lectures, edit them, and post online for streaming.
  • Requires software install for recording. Editing takes place on the web. Students stream the video from the Panopto site.
  • Works both in the lecture hall computers and in your own computer. Log in with your Aalto account.
  • If you prefer more professional production tools, the university has a license for Adobe Premiere Pro, which you can install even on home computers. You can upload the ready video to Panopto for streaming. MyCourses cannot host large video files, but you can embed a Panopto video or link to a Panopto folder.

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