SPECIAL ISSUE Catalyses, Interventions, Transformations

Editorial comments & Introduction

I-XI Introduction / Camilla Groth, Maarit Mäkelä, Harri Laakso & Susanna Helke


1-9 Art, Science and the Meaning of Research / Tim Ingold

10-29 Narrative writing as art based practice / Mona Livholts


30-49 The Millbank Atlas: Catalyzing Practice-based Research in a Spirit of the Civic University / Marsha Bradfield & Shibboleth Shechter

50-72 Speculative Practices: Visual explorations, in understanding place making in transient contexts / Brigitta Stone-Johnson

73-91 Artefacts with agency: Fostering resilience through practice-led research / Tonya Sweet

92-108 Feral Practice: the ramifications of making-with in a multi species world / Fiona MacDonald

109-128 Workshops as a Catalyst for Common Good / Essi Kuure

129-149 The Hero’s Journey: An art-based method in social design / Melanie Sarantou, Taina Kontio & Satu Miettinen

150-172 Haptic Art Experiences Described as Vocals, Sounds and Written Words by Deafblind / Riitta Lahtinen, Camilla Groth & Russ Palmer

173-185 The Building Blocks of Drawing / Tero Heikkinen

186-210 Mise en Abyme: Drawn intersections between image, body, and space / Armando Chant

211-231 Monet and me – The story of an inspiration / Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen

232-258 The Exotic Terrains – grounding critical walking practice in the post-Anthropocene / Louisa King

259-279 Experimental sites and encounters: Open formats as catalysts for the renewal of ethnographic arts / Eeva Berglund & Tomás S.Criado

280-297 The experience and material of light –metaphysical thoughts and intimate encounters / F. Derek Ventling

298-318 Colour Flow & Colour Collage / Barbara Jansen

319-331 A Visual Essay: Enabling Entanglements of Cloth and the Body / Katve-Kaisa Kontturi & Vappu Jalonen

332-348 Material as the Co-designer: exploring a new practice in the nature and at the studio / Bilge Merve Aktaş

349-378 From Far to Close (and Back) Material Resistance and Changing Perspectives in Visual Art Practice / Riikka Mäkikoskela

379-403 Material Transformations – Making as a Catalyst of Experience / Susanna Suurla

404-424 Art After Loss: Aestheticized Memory, Auratic Capability and Affect Through Post-Holocaust Representation / Dan Elborne

425-443 Heterogenesis of the Anartist: Catalysis of a character, a praxis, a strategy, a knowledge / Gian Luigi Biagini

444-466 Mask Project: A proposal of an integrated approach to practice-based, costume-led and craft-oriented research / Johanna Oksanen

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