Author: CHEM/Kimmo Karinen 2018-10-08

Addind a new resource

Open the admin interface and click "Resources" under the Maintenance menu.

Click "New resource/person". Choose ”Resource type”

Fill in the Resource ID and Resource name, and if you have, resource photo and other information. When done, click "Save".


After saving, select the host unit by clicking "Set department...".

”Set the new Department for this resource only”


Set pricing. For "no invoicing" set the price at 0,01 €.

Creating a new "Resource type"

Follow the instructions above for creating a new resource up to clicking the "New resource/person" button. A new windows opens with a blank resource for. Click the "Create a new resource type" button. A new form with a blank Resource type field opens. Fill in the Resource type and other details for the resource. This form creates the new Resource type (the top level classification, here "Vehicles"), the Building/Group (second level classification, here "Vans"), and the actual resource (here, "VanPlaceholder"). Save the form when done.

For new Resource types You have to Add ”Device card”

Find Your new resource type and check the box to enable it, and then Save.

Finalize the process by

  1. Setting the pricing for the new item. For instructions, see the section "Addind a new resource" above.
  2. Adjust the settings in Administrative Functions > Role administration, and enable booking for the appropriate roles. The default is "browsing only", and that does not do much good to anyone.

Creating use permission for the new resource

Fill “Device card” and create new permissions

Add/create new training/permission for new Device

Fill “Device card”

Choose Key facts

Choose “Yes” to “Is device specific training required?”. Save and Choose “Required training/permissions for reservations” tab

Add “CHEM General Lab Access”

Choose “Device specific training” and “Yes” for Create the new permission.

Close the new window

Open “KO-000067 Device specific training / device name”

Fill the form: Change name KO-000067 -> CHEM-KO-000067

Scroll down and add “Permit organization”

Choose “Permit responsible persons” and Save

Add users the use permission

Add a person

“Add a new training/permission”


About admin rights

If you create a new resource type or new resource, no-one will by defaul have admin rights. You can grant rights either by adding them to a role, e.g. 'i3 device administrator', or individual users. See Assigning resource admin privileges for details.

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