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When can I apply for approval and use Free edit mode?

You can apply for approval only if your degree programme or a study module requires it. In the Free edit mode you can suggest changes of your own anywhere to the study plan, but you must always apply for approval to them.

Applying for approval

NB! Clicking the button Apply for approval does not necessarily go anywhere in your degree programme. Please contact your own programme's Student services to check whether they use the approval function on Sisu. Please do not apply for approval for study plans other than your own degree programme since the applications are not routed to the right people.

If the study module or the degree programme require approval, you will see it in the status (approval required) in the Structure of studies view. You will also see it in the selection assistant after clicking the header. Watch also a video below.

When you apply for approval, please fill the grounds for application and click Submit application.

Screen capture of apply for approval button in the selection assistant.

Editing an already (conditionally) approved PSP

If you have already received approval for the personal study plan (PSP) but wish to make changes, do as follows. This also applies to conditionally approved PSPs, where the selections are approved if they meet certain criteria.

Cancel the approval by choosing the degree programme or a study module that has been approved (status: selections approved or selections conditionally approved). Select Show, which leads you to the approved application form.

Select Give up the approval in the lower part of the form. When asked for confirmation, select Yes, give up the approval.

Now you can edit your PSP and resend it for approval (watch the instructional video above). Please remember to always apply for approval if you make changes to an already approved PSP.

Free edit mode

Free edit mode - what is it?

Free edit mode is a place where you can suggest changes to your study plan (e.g. if you have agreed for an exemption). Changes always require approval.

If you wish to use the Free edit mode, open the study module to the selection assistant by clicking it. In addition to the study modules, you will find the Free edit mode in every hierarchy level of the study plan. In the selection assistant, click the three dots and open the Free edit mode.


In the Free edit mode you can add any courses, study modules and already compleated studies or you can delete courses or study modules. The courses and study modules you add are visible in the study module with a warning sign "Does not fit within the degree structure." The status of the study module is "Selections against the rules". The whole study plan is now in invalid state and you get a warning banner on top of the structure saying "The structure of the study plan is against the rules. Please correct your selections."

In the Free edit mode you can not add a course that is compulsory somewhere else in the structure.

Finally, apply for approval with proper grounds.

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