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  • Start editing a page by clicking Edit in the upper right corner
  • When you have finished, click Save (you can Preview the changes first)
  • Click "Close" if you don't want to save your changes.

Quick guide to the editor

  • For longer pages, it really helps to divide them in Sections 
  • Use the pre-defined styles for Headings. Heading 1 for the first level, etc. For text, use the "Paragraph" style
  • Use the Bullet list / Numbered list tools for unordered / ordered lists
  • Tables can be added with the "Insert table" tool


Images can be added with the "Insert files and images" tool

  • Always upload your images as page attachments (see figure below). Never use web links, these will break eventually. If you want to use a web image, first save it to your computer and then upload it.
  • Only use figures which are compatible with the Creative Commons license used in the IMM-Wiki. Preferably create your own figures
  • Always mention in the figure caption, who created the figure. For example: "Screenshot of an SSH terminal. Figure: Antti Karttunen"). Add reference to the original source if you took the figure from somewhere.


You can add Links to the other Wiki pages or external web pages

  • To link to an existing page, select text, add new link, and use the "Search" tab in the link dialog to find the existing page.
  • To create a new page and link to it, you can use the "Advanced" tab in the link dialog (just write the name of the new page in the "Link" textbox)
  • When linking to journal articles, always use a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) link (

Input file or code examples

Code Block Macro provides a very convenient environment for showing plain text input files or syntax highlighted code examples.

  1. Choose "Insert more content" ("Add other content" in the figure above)
  2. Other macros
  3. In Select macro dialog, type "code" in search box and choose Code Block from the list
  4. Use Plain text Syntax highlighting for input files and add a descriptive title


CRYSTAL input file example with Code Block Macro
0 0 0
3.15948202 15.19061693 
25    2.087600695895E-43  -8.137388940574E-24   2.704730554092E-23
25   -9.570044224689E-37   1.137330423143E-19  -5.000000000000E-01
8     3.333333333333E-01  -3.333333333333E-01  -8.333341974930E-02
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