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Oodi-based enrolment

In general, enrollments should be administered in Oodi. 

Every session (login) in MyCourses starts with an automated Oodi check of the user's access rights to workspaces. 

In addition, the member lists of all MyCourses workspaces are hourly synced from Oodi. This integration means that if a user is added to a course in Oodi, he/she will be added to MyCourses workspace during next login to MyCourses or automatically after one hour the latest.

After students have enrolled to the course in Oodi, they can access the course workspace in a Student role when they next time login to MyCourses. If the students´ enrolment status in Oodi is either planned, rejected or canceled, it means that his/her status in MyCourses turns to “inactive”. After that, the teacher can remove him/her from the user´s list in MyCourses. 

Inactive students: Students can archive their course registration in Oodi. After that, student´s status in MyCourses course workspace is "inactive" and he/she no longer has access to the workspace in student role. This means that teacher sees student´s name in grey in assignment list and student´s status is "inactive". Teacher can still see student´s submissions, but student get no email from the course space. It it important that student can set his/her status as needed.

Manual enrolment

How to add members manually (link)

Self enrolment

In self enrolment, students get access to a workspace with a enrolment key set by teacher. With group enrolment key, students also get a group membership in a workspace. Time-based limitations can be set.

Self enrolment is used in workspaces with no Oodi-integration.


Add members to workspace

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Turn editing on → open quick link Enrolled users → Enrol users. OR: Choose Participants on the left side → open the gear → Enrolled users → Enrol users.  

Choose the appropriate role - Student role for students and Teacher role for teaching personnel - for the person you are adding, and use the Enrolment options search. Click Enrol on the person you wish to add and when you're done Finish enrolling users.

Users, including HAKA-users, can be enrolled to course workspaces manually only if they have at least once logged in to MyCourses.

You may also change participant's roles from the Roles -column and pressing the plus -icon.

External (not HAKA or Aalto users) workspace members are nor allowed in MyCourses. Faculty members, who wish to invite for example their foreign colleagues to the workspace, can request a Visitor Account for the visitor. More information (requires aalto-login).

Please note that persons who act as a Category Assistant for all courses of a specific category (school or department level) have similar rights than a Teacher in all  respective workspaces. Category Assistants role is granted by request on behalf of the school or department (more information). The role is intended for service personnel who may be responsible for supporting course activities.

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