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Master´s thesis in REC (starting and topic)

Suggestions how to get started:

Before getting started, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with our school’s instructions on theses (

Start defining your topic. When doing it is suggested to consider the following aspects

  • What am I interested in? What would I like to learn about more?
  • What kind of research methods would I like to use (qualitative, quantitative etc)? What kind of limitations does this set for the topic (e.g. in terms of availability of data).
  • Am I doing the thesis independently or am I doing it for a company? About half of our theses are commissioned work, half are done independently. If you are doing your thesis for a company, discuss the topic and timetable with your employer.

After these contemplations, you should already have some broad idea of your prospective thesis topic.  After this, read a bit of academic literature (journal articles) to find and confirm that there is a research gap. Also check that the exact same topic has not been addresses in a Master’s thesis recently. If it has, check the thesis and confirm that your planned contribution is different from the earlier work.

Contact your supervising professor to discuss your thesis and topic. The professors at the department will help you find the right supervisor. Some indicative suggestion on who could be your supervising professor could be:

  • Kauko Viitanen: Real estate valuation, land policy, real estate markets
  • Seppo Junnila: Real estate business, real estate management
  • Heidi Falkenbach: Real estate finance, real estate investment, real estate market dynamics
  • Saija Toivonen: Real estate development, land use policy, real estate valuation,
  • Ari Ekroos: Real estate law, land use planning law, environmental law and other public law matters, land use policy and regulation
  • Kirsikka Riekkinen: Land management, land use policy
  • Antti Palmujoki: Contract law, corporate law and other private law matters

This year, Master’s students writing their thesis in English can get additional support for their work from a tailored thesis-writing course (LC-1320 Thesis Writing for MSc students) offered by the Language Centre.

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