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Special Issue 

Rethinking arts-based & artistic research – and global/local communities # 2


i – v         Local/Global communities of arts-based and artistic researchers / Anniina Suominen


1–9          Tamil Art Practice in Diasporic Existence / Anna Laine

10–20      Crisis of the memory – two monuments from the socialist era today / Miroslava Petrova

21–32       Ningen – a video installation and oral history archive of Brazilian immigrants living in Japan and Japanese immigrants living in Brazil / Frederico Câmara

33–40       Artistic and Arts-Based Methodologies in Art Education Master’s Theses at Aalto University During 2010–2015 / Outi Koivisto

41–53       Young people with muslim backgrounds exploring their multiple senses of belonging / Helena Oikarinen-Jabai

Visual essays

54–60       Visual dialogue: A drawn conversation about the city of Fez / Samira Jamouchi

61–73       Visual Documentation as Space of Entanglement to Rethink Arts-Based Educational Research Judit Onsès and Fernando Hernández-Hernández (High quality print version)

74–81       Occupying Non-Place – Art Education Disturbed Tiina Pusa and Minna Suoniemi

82–87       Teaching during an epidemic of mass incarceration: The service of art education / Courtnie N. Wolfgang

88–100      What does washing the dishes look like? / Ulvi Haagensen (High quality print version)

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