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3D Electromagnetic Field Mapping Device (EMF Map)

Basic information

Project ID: AEE-2017-35

Students: Faisal Usman, Sami Ollila, Klaus Hamara, Saijariina Kuokkanen

Project manager: Faisal Usman

Instructor: Ilkka Laakso

Other advisors:

Starting date: 5.1.2017

Completion date:


The objective of our project was to make improvements in the existing 3D magnetic field measurement and visualization system.

The improvements included are:

•Optimized data processing from Kinect Sensor.
•Adjustment in Measurement Tool.
•Simplification of User Interface of the System.


Summary of results

The option for visualization is a 3D point cloud image from Kinect. 

●The measurement points are displayed as dots and the intensity of magnetic as color.


These visuals combined with the simplification of the user interface provide a straightforward way to measure 3D magnetic fields and inspect the results quickly.

In addition to measuring and saving measurement data, the system can also display the results visually

●This option displays a spectrogram of the measurement.
●The picture on right illustrates a 600 Hz test coil measurement.


Measured magnetic field data can be used to calculate the induced electric fields





Final report Project Appendix D, Appendix E )


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