Our annual demo day will be held on June 20th, 2017. This event is jointly organized by the Secure Systems Group at Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. The demo day provides an opportunity to present our work and seek valuable inputs from external visitors. This is a public event and we welcome your attendance. But we ask you to register for the event.

At 11.30 we begin with a mini-workshop titled "Privacy in the Real World", with presentations by Matthias Schunter from Intel and Pern Hui Chia from Google. We welcome all attendees to join!

The welcome event starts after the workshop at 13.00.

Below is the program (pdfs of posters will be updated as they become available; so please check back). You can also browse the program from last year.


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Venue and Date

Date: 20 June 2017 

Time: 11:30 - 17:00

Location: T-Building, Konemiehentie 2, Espoo



 PresenterTitle Affiliation

11.30 - 12.45 Mini-workshop: Privacy in the Real World

Lecture Hall T2 (ground floor; after entering the T-building, the first door immediately on your left)

Matthias Schunter


Benefits, risks, and potential mitigations of Web-Tracking


Intel labs

 Pern Hui Chia

Characterizing Dataset for Privacy at Scale


Google Privacy & Security team

13:00-13:45 Welcome and Overview

Lecture Hall T2

N. Asokan, Valtteri Niemi, Tuomas Aura"State of the Union" and demo teasers [slides]

14:00 - 16:45 Demos and Posters

Library, ground floor

PresenterTitleResearch Program Additional Info
Secure Systems Group, Aalto UniversityKlaudia KrawieckaSafeKeeper: Protecting Web Credentials with Trusted HardwareICRI-SCDemo + poster
 Rakesh G NFaster Cryptocurrency Payments using Trusted HardwareICRI-SCDemo + poster
 Radek TomšůAutomated Deauthentication using Web Transaction AnalysisICRI-SC / ConSec
 Hans LiljestrandLinux Kernel Memory SafetyICRI-SCPoster
 Aaro LehikoinenHardware enforced scopingCloud-assisted Security Services (CloSer) / ICRI-SC
Demo + poster
 Setareh RoshanEstimating and Predicting Path Loss for Fake Base Station DetectionCloSerPoster
 Thomas NymanCFI CaRE: Hardware-supported Call and Return Enforcement for Commercial MicrocontrollersCloSerPoster
 Jian LiuOblivious Neural Network PredictionsCloSerDemo + poster
 Arseny KurnikovLive Migration of SGX EnclavesCloSerDemo + poster
 Samuel Marchal
IoT SENTINEL: Automated Device-Type Identification for Security Enforcement in IoTSELIoT / ICRI-SC
Demo + poster
 Md Sakib Nizam KhanSecuring Ownership Change of IoT DevicesSELIoT

Demo + poster

 Mika JuutiSTASH: Securing transparent authentication using prover-side proximity verificationContextual SecurityDemo + poster
 Jian LiuScalable Byzantine ConsensusBlockchainsPoster
 Tommi GröndahlStylometry and Information Security: A Survey of the State-of-the-art and Future Prospects Poster
 Ashish SultaniaMonitoring the Failure Recovery of Cloud-Managed Digital SignageCyber Trust SHOKDemo + poster
 Viswanathan Manihatty BojanSecurity Evaluation of Password Manager Web ExtensionsCyber Trust SHOKDemo + poster
 Nadin Vazquez TorralbaSecurity Analysis of Mobile PaymentsCyber Trust SHOKDemo + poster
 Shiva Prasad Thagadur PrakashSimple and secure IoT bootstrapping with EAP-NOOBCyber Trust SHOKDemo + poster
 Alberto GeniolaAnalysis of Download Portals and Freeware InstallersCyber TrustDemo + poster
Secure Systems Group, University of HelsinkiSara RamezanianPrivate Membership Test with Low Communication ComplexityCloSerDemo + poster
 Tommi MeskanenPrivate Graph SearchCloSerPoster
 Mohsin KhanHow a pseudonym based solution to a privacy problem of 3G/4G opens a vulnerability to DoS Poster
 Zheng YangDatabase leakage attack against a WiFi fingerprint location scheme using Paillier encyption Poster
Visitor GroupsJose Viquez ZamoraIoT Application Provisioning Security on IoT DevicesDemo + poster 
 Le NguyenContext-based User Authentication and Device PairingAmbient Intelligence Group, Aalto UniversityDemo + poster
 Kubilay Ahmet KüçükFramework of Secret Differential Privacy on Private DataSystem Security Group, University of OxfordPoster





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