Panopto on Audio / Visual Assignments

Panopto supports recorder client software for mobile devices and PC/Mac. You can also upload media files created with other means to Aalto Panopto cloud at panopto.aalto.fi

Panopto app for PC/MacPanopto mobile appPanopto web interface
  • Record rich media content using your computer and Panopto app. Capture audio, webcam, screen, PowerPoint, additional video etc.  You can also capture just one of the sources above.
  • Use your mobile device to record media and then upload it to Aalto Panopto cloud.
  • Manage you material and upload media files on common formats created by other means.
  • Edit your material with Panopto browser based editor (only basic functions).
  • Set sharing permissions and share your project.

Audiovisual assignments can allow students to articulate their understanding of various concepts more clearly than in writing. They also give students practice in a range of presentation and narrative modes, which may be extremely relevant for professional practice in the discipline and their future career.

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