4 Inspiring Dipoli for diversity and equality (WS04)

  • Beyond F1: Flexibility and transparency of the use of the space which creates equality between personnel, academics and students
  • Dipoli renovation

Dipoli is one of the most charismatic building in the Otaniemi Campus: its appearance, history and spirit is truly unique for the student community who brought it to life. However, until recently the main users of the building were the visitors of the events organised by the city of Espoo and other parties. The ongoing renovation project aims at giving the building back to the students, but to a certain extent — it will still be a home for the top-management and service units staff. How can we balance the ownership of the space in this context? How to create a comfortable environment for the different groups of users and yet retain the equality of the access to the space?

During the workshop the Dipoli lobby renovation team will present the project in more detail and will raise the questions of the diverse yet equal space in the heart of Otaniemi campus.

More information about the project:

Level: Innovative for researchers, lecturers and student activists

Room: M145b (Masto)


  1. Luca Aci
  2. Miki Sordi
  3. Marina Noronha
  4. Elli-Noora Kaurila


Etherpad, http://muistio.tieke.fi/p/cga2016_ws4