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  • Adobe connect pro in daily Aalto use (WS06) - Cancelled!
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This workshop is cancelled! Join another workshop!


Workshop code: WS06


  • Group work/discussion 11.30-12.00
  • Lunch (at own expense) 12.00-12.45
  • Working until 14.30
  • Summary 15.00-15.45 at H304 

Location: H2 / K102


  • The workshop is practical for effective use of Adobe Connect Pro

Method and preliminary workshop program

  • Food for discussion
    • Aalto Strategy
      • Mission, Vision and Values
    • Additional viewpoints for discussion

      • How can we measure the outcomes?
      • Proactive operation mode
      • Detecting and reacting to early / weak signals?
      • How can we achieve these outcomes?
      • How do we learn these things?

Who should attend: Teaching and research faculty, Teaching assistants, students

Stakeholders: Aalto (...)

Presenter, moderators and facilitators:


  • NN
  • NN
  • ... 



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