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Aalto goes Accessible 2020 with Riesa


Aalto students, staff and faculty will have a four hours at Otaniemi learning how to serve diverse customers on campus

Recording of the symposium not available!



April 6th, 2020 at 10 - 12 AM and 13 - 15 PM


  • Undergraduate Centre, U7, Otakaari 1

Introduction: Aalto University policy for equality, diversity and accessibility

Aalto University implementation plan for accessible learning is based on the Aalto University strategy and general policies on accessible learning, enabling environment, open access, and equality. The plan provides a detailed description of the measures to be taken to reach our goal of equal and accessible learning. The measures and the monitoring of their implementation have been agreed upon in an annual meeting between the service units of the university. 

The Aalto University services support high-quality research and teaching and promote a learning-centred operating culture accessible for every member of our community. Accessibility awareness should be essential part of our shared knowledge among faculty and staff. Members of the university community are encouraged to look at the Aalto studying or research environment from a broad perspective to recognise any barriers: in addition to physical barriers, it is important to be aware of the challenges associated with different ways of learning or teaching and with attitudes, which may accumulate to form barriers to learning. 

Annual Aalto goes Accessible symposiums in the beginning of January are for learning, sharing and innovating best practices to promote equality and diversity at Aalto University. We will learn the opportunities offered by the blended learning environments of Aalto University. The goal is to provide faculty and staff with a good general knowledge of the benefits of blended learning environments and teaching methods and to train them in referring the students for the university services they need. 

The specifications and improvements to the implementation plan will be made in collaboration with the experts of the Aalto schools by charting best practices in the workshops and putting them later to use in a manner suitable for each school. 

Enabling Aalto environment

The enabling environment framework focuses on service and management actions, such as equality, fairness, removal of technical, legal and administrative barriers to knowledge building, sound economic policy and transparency; all of which create an environment conducive to effective use of resources and available technology.

The 'enabling environment' framework improves the development of accessibility in environmentally sound technologies. Building the enabling Aalto environment means promoting good relations and continuous identification and removal of seen and unseen barriers at each level of our daily activities.