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ISSN 1795-4843


Editor in chief:
Professor Helena Sederholm
Professor Juha Varto
Lecturer Mira Kallio-Tavin
Professor Kevin Tavin

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Origin refers to a source wherefrom all knowledge important to life emerges. Such knowledge is intimate to human life, human practice and human capability. Origins are mostly lost in contemporary world: world is diluted in bureaucracy, compromises and national brutto income figures.

Origins of art reveal two actors: a creative artist who actively seeks for ways to frame understanding in artistic actions, and a mediator who facilitates the perception of all others for those actions. Understanding and knowledge that emerge here must be articulated in order to make life easier, better and more satisfactory.

Net journal SYNNYT/ORIGINS has a mission to create a contemporary archive of texts that are seminal to the discourse in the area of knowledge in art and mediating art. The texts, thus, introduce new themes, new ideas and controversial presentations to both academic research and discussions within practice. SYNNYT/ORIGINS will bridge research to practical mediation of art, and working in art to research.

SYNNYT/ORIGINS is a peer-reviewed journal: all articles published have been evaluated by at least two experts.

SYNNYT/ORIGINS will publish articles, documents and news in all languages spoken in European Union.


1/2016  Meaning of Japanese traditional-style drawing lessons in current school education  / Shimpei Takeuchi

1/2015  Movements in Human-centredness

3/2014 Bio / Art / Education

2/2014 Something Other: The relationship between psychoanalytic theory, art, visual culture, and pedagogy

1/2014   Educational turn – so what?  / Elina Heikkilä

1/2014   Art pedagogy by experiencing and by exploring Artist as Teacher / Marika Orenius

1/2014    How to live with visual excess?  / Taneli Tuovinen

1/2014   Satirical Medical Advertising as a Tool for Political Dialogue / Lisa Erdman

1/2014   Resistance, Confrontation, Collaboration  / Riikka Mäkikoskela

1/2014  The Compromised Audience / Lena Séraphin

3/2013   At the heart of art and earth    / Jan van Boeckel

3/2013  Principles of adult play(fulness) in contemporary toy cultures / Katriina Heljakka

3/2013  Making desire out of nothing at all    / Tiina Nevanperä

3/2013   Enhancing workplace capacity building through artistic and pedagogical interventions / Cecilia von Brandenburg 

1/2013  Cultural identity and visual multiliteracy / Marjo Räsänen

1/2012 Seeing in progress: Thoughts on the current state of Visual Culture and Art Education in Aalto University / Mira Kallio-Tavin

3/2011 Art and education - Or the dark side of pedagogy. A dialogue / Christiana Galanopoulou & Max Ryynänen

2/2011Traversing the Flood of Images. A Lacanian perspective to the Reasonings of Art Education in the Finnish Schooling System /Juuso Tervo

2/2011 Visual Phenomena and Visual Events. Some Reflections around the Curriculum of Visual Culture Pedagogy / Helene Illeris & Karsten Arvedsen

2/2011 Managing Stigma by Visual Presentation of Self / Jaana Erkkilä

1/2011 So, what comes after? The current state of visual culture and visual education / Mie Buhl

4/2010Hidden agendas and utopian wanderings / Jan van Boeckel

3/2010 Conceptual waste and sustainability of art education / Juha Varto

3/2010 Transforming tradition for sustainability through 'TCUSM' tool / Adhi Nugraha

2/2010 Mapping Environmental Education Approaches in Finnish Art Education / Pirkko Pohjakallio

2/2010 Distant yet near: text and phronesis in distance education / Juha Varto

2/2010 Discourses on Research: Where is the Site of Artistic Researches? / Adhi Nugraha

2/2009 Does Art Benefit from Craft Knowledge? / Adhi Nugraha

1/2009 Art, heath promotion and well-being at work / Cecilia von Brandenburg

4/2008 "Spraycan leads" - the urban paradox of graffiti / Malinen Piritta

4/2008 Arts-based art teaching - stories of art teachers / Vitola Ilze

4/2008 Intergenerational dialogical art / Heikkinen Riitta

4/2008 Museum education and the "desiring eye" / Illeris Helene

3/2008 Shadow puppet, Lenong Folk Theatre, and Video Games: Reflection of Aspective, Perspective, and Inspective Intuition / Nugraha Adhi

2/2008 Sustainability cuts Reincartradition / Nugraha Adhi

3/2007 Multiculturalism and arts-based research / Räsänen Marjo

4/2006 Creative energy and poetical life / Dieliautas Jurgis

2/2006 Looking for a long lost relative in Kaliningrad - Who is Sidir? / Parkkinen Eija

2/2006 Urban aesthetics / Kaupunkiestetiikkaa / Haveri Minna

2/2006 Contrasts between Contemporary Art, Art Teaching, and Kaliningrad by itself / Vitola Ilze

2/2006 Social identity of Kalinigraders in the Europen context / Karpenko Anna

2/2006 Russian Red and Prussian Blue / Czezcot Ivan

2/2006 Politics of location - BaltArt in Kaliningrad / Krappala Mari